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Your vision is the fuel that propels your organization forward. Turning that vision into reality requires finding the right balance between focusing on a plan and adjusting to emerging conditions. Each adjustment brings about new challenges that require unique solutions. It’s easy (and all too common) for organizations to fall into the growth rut:  follow the path that worked in the past.

Building a successful organization takes more than repeating past achievements. We partner with your organization’s leadership to identify signals from an ever-changing marketplace then respond quickly and definitively.

The odds are against you. The Small Business Administration (SBA) and other sources confirm what you already know: starting and scaling an organization is hard work and success is far from guaranteed.

Traditional thinking says, “Build a strategic plan then put all of your effort into making that plan a reality.” Stay focused and avoid distractions. In a low complexity world that was good advice – but the days of low complexity are long gone.

Success today requires strategic planning and the ability to think and act beyond the plan. The market and other factors are constantly shifting. What once were distractions are now clear signals telling you that you must adjust… or suffer the consequences.

This ability to adjust has a name: The Pivot. Building the capacity to pivot is a great way to stack the deck in your favor.

Making your vision a reality requires exploring new territory. You need an experienced guide. At Logika, we work with you to leave the confines of the predictable and repeatable so that you can scale your business and Master the Art of the Pivot.

working forward together

our work with clients is based on two principles:

Sustainability – Creating organizations capable of addressing the challenges of day-to-day operations.

Scalability – Removing the barriers that limit an organization’s capacity to respond to emerging opportunities.

These principles work together to create organizations that balance operational stability with market agility.

Every organization needs a stable base

Operational procedures that make the mundane routine, yet are flexible enough to respond to new challenges as they appear.

Organizations also need a way to invent the success of the future

Not simply to grow, but to scale. Scale is not a process of replicating the past but architecting the future: Working Forward ™. It’s learning from the past without being confined by it. It’s making sure that everyone in your business evolves as quickly as your business does.

get the gears turning

Logika makes it easy to get your organization

rolling in the right direction.

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You’ve planted the seeds, weeded and nurtured, and now it’s time to harvest the rewards. Are the systems that you used to start your business still working to maintain and grow your business? Chances are that what made you successful in the past won’t continue to yield the same results.

Bringing your organization to full scale is never a straight line from ‘A’ to ‘B’ to ‘C’. Navigating the twists and turns—the pivots—can mean the difference between a sustainable business and stagnation.  We work with our clients to anticipate and prepare for these pivotal moments so they can avoid frustration and costly mistakes.

Successful organizations are flexible, adaptable, and agile. They understand the need to pivot. They are working to break free of the old model of “plan your work and work your plan” and forge a new model. At Logika we call this new model “Working Forward™”.

Working Forward™ is celebrating the diversity of voices within your organization and using that range and variety to build meaningful harmonies. If everyone sings the same note then the choir only gets louder. When different perspectives are coordinated they form harmonies - capabilities that would not be possible without the other voices.

It’s not the single, monolithic model of process and efficiency of the past. The old model was “find your game then play it better, faster, cheaper than anyone else.”

Working Forward™ is learning new games faster than the current game changes. It’s:

  • staying ahead of the current game and BEING the next game
  • learning the lessons of the past without becoming constrained by them
  • a tension between best practices and innovation … efficiency and effectiveness … old models and new thinking

Learn how we can begin Working Forward™ together.

working forward is learning new games faster than the current game changes. It’s:


Staying ahead of the current game and being the next game


Learning the lessons of the past without becoming constrained by them


A tension between best practices and innovation ... efficiency and effectiveness ... old models and new thinking

your success

Every organizational success follows a different path. The road to transition, growth, sustainability, and scale is not an easy one. It requires a lot of dedication to define and achieve success.

Our emergent approach and co-creative techniques mean that we think beyond the “one size fits all” method of best practices and pre-packaged tactics. Your organization and environment are unique. We’re not afraid to explore this new terrain with you. We collaborate to discover what works best for your organization. Together we formulate a sustainable plan of action to scale your business for success.

There are critical pivots in every organization where successful practices from the past must be overhauled to seize new opportunities. Identifying and navigating these pivot points is a key component of your continued success.

Talent and resources are necessary elements in any organization: yet they are not sufficient to address the growing complexity that emerges in scaling organizations.

At Logika, we work with you to leave the confines of the predictable and repeatable so that you can scale your business and Master the Art of the Pivot. These pivots come in many shapes and sizes. Logika’s experience navigating complex pivots means that we can spot the unique aspects of your pivot. Are you ready to begin Working Forward™ and Master the Art of the Pivot?

Growth is great and it brings new responsibilities. From senior management to junior staff, everyone is stretched and challenged. Growing an organization requires everyone to explore the limits of their point of view and expand their horizons.

Logika works with your leadership team to identify and prioritize needs then acquire the capabilities and build the capacity to meet the challenges of scaling your business.

You’ve built a successful core business, and now it’s time to spread your wings and branch out. Building too quickly can raise anxiety levels, but moving too slowly means missed opportunities.

As your business grows Logika works with you to build leadership capability at all levels to capitalize on opportunity and manage risk.

The thrill of the startup is starting to subside and you’re getting restless. Now it’s time to consider what your next role with the organization will be. For some that means taking on a more strategic role, for others that means turning their attention to new venture while the operations team takes over day-to-day operations. Logika works with you to find right mix for your organization – then build the team and capabilities to make your ideal work-life a reality.

Perhaps it’s time for a new infusion of capital or experience … maybe it’s time to give your key employees a greater sense of ownership … maybe you’re considering employee ownership (ESOP).

We work with you to identify selection criteria, develop the relationships, define the roles, and clarify the rewards necessary for ongoing success. In addition we coordinate your legal and financial teams to turn your vision into reality.

Demand for your products and services is increasing faster than your ability to deliver. It’s painful to turn away business, but you have to keep the quality up. When larger clients get nervous about your ability to scale it might cost you the contract that could take your business to the next level.

At Logika we know that growth means changing all the tires on the car, without getting off the freeway, or even slowing down.

When you started your business, it was important for everyone to do everything. Now that you’re in high-growth mode, it’s time to build the structure that will take your business to the next level.

Logika works with you to create clear roles and responsibilities without losing that “we’re all in this together” feeling.


your partner

Business leaders are often confronted by a tension between short term survival and long term prosperity. At Logika we work with clients to build organizations that are sustainable today and have the capacity to respond to emerging opportunities.

our leadership

Joe Albano

Joe Albano

Dr. Joe Albano, The Corporate Realist™, founded Logika International when he realized that good business ideas reach their full potential as people, culture, and ideas align.

He combines his background and expertise in technology, management, and systems psychology to work with clients to build sustainable and scalable organizations. Joe encourages a shared vision to emerge by blending and aligning varied perspectives. This inspires an environment where everyone finds meaning in doing the work and satisfaction in accomplishing the goal.

When Joe was fresh out of college with an undergraduate degree in engineering, he landed a position at HP. Understanding the importance of the human component in solving technical problems, Joe was quickly moved into their internal consulting division.

Joe ultimately became a member of HP’s external consulting practice where his perspective and insights were sought by executives on four continents. From continent to continent, Joe was able to work with global organizations and grass-roots movements such as Habitat for Humanity. It was here that he began to hone the values and principles that motivated him to found Logika.

Joe’s educational background includes a master’s in business and a PhD in organizational psychology. Since Logika’s inception, Joe has advised thousands of executives including more than half of the companies that make up the DJI. He specializes in building leadership capabilities to persevere through challenging business pivots to meet the demands of scaling businesses.

Janet Chilton

Janet Chilton

Janet Chilton, The Organizational Synergist™, joined the Logika team to combine her analytical thinking and deep listening skills to create the group dynamics and receptive energy necessary for organizations to thrive.

She understands that organizational success emerges when capable teams align to undertake important missions and adapt to changing conditions. Janet has the skills and experience to bring diverse teams together to perform at their peak.

Janet knows how to identify and nurture emerging ideas. She brings 30 years of experience to Logika in communications and professional facilitation as well as education and experiential training in psychology, collaborative processes and group dynamics.

Even though Janet makes it looks effortless, aligning team members is not a task for the inexperienced. Some team members like to analyze a situation very carefully. They think about all the moving pieces to see how they fall into place. Others prefer to talk it out in a group conversation. They like to get input from everyone involved to see what emerges. Janet knows how to work with different kinds of team members and merge their ideas so the group can move forward together.

Having owned her own firm for 20 years, Janet understands how active listening and strategic communication allow individuals to open up and express themselves in a group to create a shared unified vision. She has been a creative problem solver on multi-stakeholder projects that have included public facilities, government and non-governmental agencies, and professional service firms.

Janet completed her master’s and doctoral studies in psychology and has an extensive background in communications, problem solving, and group dynamics. Her master’s thesis and doctoral coursework were based on qualitative research, and her doctoral research on group dynamics was completed at the library of congress, in Washington D.C.

With Logika, Janet utilizes her unique background that complements her analytical thinking skills and supports participation in the groups she facilitates. Her active listening skills and receptive energy make group dynamics secure, inviting, and open. Her visual meeting skills allow participants to see what they are thinking, as their ideas emerge. Janet truly is an artist of critical-thinking through communication.


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